Power genomics with high quality bioinformatics

Accelerate computational biology research with better QA and less software bugs.
Free up 20-60% of your time in bioinformatic tool development.

Meet Miqa

Your end-to-end
test automation platform
for bioinformatics

No code. Automated. Effortless.

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One-stop QA solutions for your bioinformatic needs

Want to make sure your bioinformatic tools do not regress after new code change or release?

Do you have trouble choosing the best tools or parameters for your genomic analyses?

with your omics data & analysis pipelines
performance & quality insights
customization for diverse use cases

How Miqa works



Know your needs. What do you want to know about your bioinformatic tools of interest? Accuracy, precision or reproducibility? Don’t sweat if you’re unsure - we can show you the endless ways to assess in a quick demo.


One Time Set-Up

Seamlessly integrate your bioinformatic tools to Miqa on the cloud. Already using DevOps tools? Miqa can bring your existing dev workflow to another level - automate testing with powerful test analytics.

Configure how you want to run your bioinformatic tools for evaluation. Compare to previous versions or state-art-tools. Re-use your set-up for future tests or new tools.


Test Data Preparation

Bring your own data, choose from our built-in reference library, or create new test data. Either way, Miqa has got you covered.


Result Reporting

Interactively examine and visualize test results. Miqa provides more than just a pass/fail on code quality. Miqa computes evaluation metrics that matter most to you. Share real-time results with your team for instant feedback.

— Testimonials

Don't take our word for it

"Having this functionality available has saved us months of development time and has also allowed us to easily validate and optimize multiple aspects of our existing pipelines. We have found Miqa to be a critical piece of our overall development process."

"I have observed first-hand the ability of this product to streamline our development and testing process, ensure much higher accuracy than we would have been otherwise able to reach on the same timetable, and also be flexible and adaptable to our specific needs."

"This has the potential to fundamentally address one of the great uncertainties of bioinformatics software development — Does the new release break anything?"


Build better bioinformatics tools with Miqa

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