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Automated software QA to build
high-quality bioinformatic tools


Automate your manual and time-intensive QA & bug-fixes in minutes.
Free up 40-60% of your development time for more scientific innovations.

‍Meet Miqa

The first no-code test automation platform for bioinformatics

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Miqa is a one-stop platform built to address common QA challenges in bioinformatics

Regression Testing

Ensure new code changes do not introduce new bugs to your bioinformatic tools.

Verification & Validation

Confirm that your bioinformatic tools are built correctly based on specified requirements & the intended use case.


Compare your bioinformatic tool to a previous version or state-of-art alternatives to drive further improvements.

Parameter Optimization

Select the best parameters for your omics analyses based on data-driven evidence.

Many biotech companies develop in-house computational tools. Bioinformatic software evaluation is often time-consuming, ad hoc and hindered by the lack of resources or expertise.

If any of these resonate with you, don't worry. We got your back!


Continuous Testing

Automate your manual QA processes so you can focus on scientific innovations. Test early and often. Catch bugs as they arise.


Instant Test Set-Up

Kick-start your testing in minutes using our built-in test assertions, metrics and datasets. Our no-code interface reduces the barrier to rigorous and timely testing. 


Collaborative QA

Make bioinformatic tool testing a team effort. Increase visibility & transparency in testing activities to different stakeholders.


Unified Test Management

Store all your test results in one place. No more scattered code & data. Enables dynamic comparison across test runs with full traceability. Easily handle thousands of tests.


Real-Time Bug Detection

See live status and visualize results of every test run of your bioinformatic pipelines. Miqa pinpoints the root of every test failure to troubleshoot quickly.


Built for Omics

Scale your QA process with the size & complexity of your omic dataset & algorithms. Evaluates bioinformatic tools with biologically relevant metrics to ensure reproducible R&D.

How Miqa Works

Miqa eases every step of your bioinformatic QA process,
so you can test, update & release bioinformatic tools continuously.


Test Planning & Design

Setting up a software QA process from scratch can be daunting if you’re unsure where to start. Miqa provides built-in data and templates to begin exploratory testing as a starting point. Receive actionable QA insights instantly so that you can decide how to best evaluate your bioinformatic tools and customize test cases most suitable for your needs.
Exploratory Testing
Use our built-in tools to kick off QA, initial results to gather testing requirements.
Guided Test Builder
Click-and-drop with our test templates & datasets.
Test Customization
Build your own test suite with our advanced JSON editor. Our support team can also help.

Software Testing & Validation

Effortlessly test your bioinformatic tools in the cloud. Test whenever you want and as frequently as you want.
Seamless Integration
Connect Miqa to your existing workflows, DevOps tools, and compute environments.
Unlimited Test Runs
Set up parallel tests at your preferred cadence (nightly, weekly, per code change or release).
Instant output assessment
Miqa automatically compares test run results against your selected baseline (e.g., previous run or a reference).

Result Reporting & Sharing

Miqa provides more than just a pass/fail on code quality. It allows you to interactively dive in & examine your software test results.
Interactive Visualizations
Examine your results with charts, overall statistics, genome browsers or your preferred visualization tools.
QA Trend Tracking
See how your tool performs over time by longitudinal comparison against previous versions.
Custom QA metrics
Define your favourite metrics, what output data to be processed for evaluation.

QA Process Management & Improvements

Use Miqa to improve team productivity & software development efficiency. Miqa manages multiple bioinformatic pipelines, test suites and data all in one place.
Test Run History
All your test info and data are stored with version control. Dig into your test history for retrospective analysis and troubleshooting.
Reusable Test Suites
Re-use or clone test modules across pipelines.
Dynamic Test Update
Change your testing requirements and re-analyze your QA data at any time.

Bridging the gap between software test engineering & bioinformatic tool development

Miqa offers advanced software testing capabilities for computational biology

Other Platforms

Cloud-based integration with DevOps tools & workflows


Specialized testing for biological software and data


Scientist-friendly QA dashboard


Built-in omics data & QA metrics with full customization


Interactive genomic test data curation


Dynamic test run comparison


Compatible with custom test scripts & omics data post-processors

— Testimonials

Adopted by start-ups & Fortune 500 companies

"Having this functionality available has saved us months of development time and has also allowed us to easily validate and optimize multiple aspects of our existing pipelines. We have found Miqa to be a critical piece of our overall development process."

"I have observed first-hand the ability of this product to streamline our development and testing process, ensure much higher accuracy than we would have been otherwise able to reach on the same timetable, and also be flexible and adaptable to our specific needs."

"This has the potential to fundamentally address one of the great uncertainties of bioinformatics software development — Does the new release break anything?"

Save hours and build better bioinformatic tools.

Learn how to boost the quality & efficiency of your software development workflows within minutes.

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