Real-time QA analytics of your bioinformatic tools

Miqa delivers immediate QA test reports for every code change. Our interactive dashboard offers customized data filtering and result visualization, enabling users to dig deeper into the overall statistics or individual datasets and results.

Generate rich reports for every update

Automatically generate interactive and exportable reports. Get a quick glance into your test status (pass or fail), or drill into the supporting evidence or raw data for further investigations.

Compare performance across versions, configurations, test datasets or pipelines

Quickly assess whether a new version gained in sensitivity at the expense of specificity, or how your pipeline stacks up to the competition.

Evaluate against custom specifications

Define the QA metrics and assessment thresholds that are most relevant to you, whether that's precision/recall or concordance in variant calls across versions.

Drill into results to generate actionable insights

Deep dive into the QA data with interactive and ad hoc reports. Compare result and population subsets. Explore trends and recurrent results to identify artifacts and opportunities for optimization.

Get real-time, actionable QA insights of your bioinformatic tools now

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