Use your favorite test data, simulate,
or curate as you go

Still testing on outdated or non-ideal reference standards that don't directly apply to your bioinformatic pipeline? We help you prepare the most suitable datasets to evaluate your tools with.

Choose from our built-in test datasets,
upload or build your own test datasets over time.

Use well-characterized, standardized datasets to assess bioinformatic tool performance with high granularity. Select from our growing catalog of annotated test data, or bring your own from the literature.

Test and assess on bug-data, development data, and samples uploaded by collaborators to get an accurate look at performance on realistic data.​

Curate as you go, use metadata like cancer status, or use uncharacterized data to assess trends and performance against sanity metrics like mutation rate. Collaboratively build a body of truth data over time and dynamically evaluate them at all stages of curation.

Use the built-in Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) to examine each variant calls. Mark each variant call as true or false positive, add labels or comments and share with your team for final review all within the Curation module.

Ensure robust coverage of edge cases and hard-to-acquire sample types with simulated data.  Create spike-ins, subsamples, admixtures and titrations from existing datasets, or generate fully synthetic data.

Start generating QA insights from your bioinformatic test data now

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