More than just code quality check

Miqa goes beyond the basics of code assessment (i.e., checking if the software code runs properly). We interpret and report the test results and application-specific evaluation metrics in the ways that matter to you as a bioinformatic developer or scientific researcher.

A variety of data-driven test types to inform tool accuracy, reproducibility & robustness

High-level check for code correctness

Miqa performs a high-level check of output consistency from your bioinformatic pipelines. It ensures that the output file content and number remain the same after minor code changes if they are not intended to affect the final outputs.

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Systemic Evaluation of Software Outputs

Output accuracy, precision, recall or concordance are equally, if not more, important than code correctness of your bioinformatic tools. The flexible customization of Miqa allows you to design tests that assess the metrics most relevant to your use cases.

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Version comparison for quality tracking

Monitor the development progress of your bioinformatic tools by assessing improvement trends over time. Miqa allows you to quickly pinpoint the specific version associated with any unexpected result changes or errors.

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Comparison against state-of-art tools

Get real-time update on where your bioinformatic tool stands in the market. Compare it against any existing software at any time.

Use our test analytics to make timely enhancements to remain ahead of your competitors.

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A software testing platform that is scalable with your bioinformatic development

Miqa enables you to scale up testing as your bioinformatic software development progresses.

Unit Testing
Testing small units of code in isolation to ensure their outputs are consistent and as expected. Easiest to set up and execute.
Component Testing
Testing software modules with multiple units of code. Usually performed after unit testing.
Integration Testing
Testing the entirety of your bioinformatic program to ensure all components function properly as one system.

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