Integrate advanced QA & testing to your bioinformatic development workflow

Leverage our cloud infrastructure and built-in integrations with your favorite cloud service and dev-ops tools to test your bioinformatic tools in real-time on every code change. Easy set-up enables scalable test automation so you can start building quality bioinformatic software right away.

Seamless integration with your current DevOps stack

Our tools are interoperable with common continuous integration (CI) and DevOps tools like BitBucket, GitHub, CircleCI and Jenkins. Connect Miqa to your tools and tigger automated test runs directly from your code.

Gate or update pull requests with instant test results. Share and collaborate natively.

No need to change your bioinformatic analysis workflows

Connect your Docker, Conda, Python, Bash, Snakemake, Nextflow, custom APIs, or any containerized tools directly to our platform.

Personalize your QA process with your test data

Securely link or store your input test data on our platform. Connect to your existing cloud storage or add data from your local storage with a simple drag-and-drop.

You can also choose from our built-in test data library, generate novel test data or or curate novel truth data directly on Miqa.

Alternatively, if you prefer to execute your test runs offline, you can manually upload your bioinformatic test outputs to Miqa for quality assessment. Get in touch with us so we can tell you more!

Learn more about test data management->

Your Preferred Cloud Infrastructure

Miqa is compatible with popular cloud-computing platforms such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Using an on-premise high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure instead? We can discuss alternative solutions to get your team onboard as quickly as possible!

Test on every code change or on demand
Prevent surprises by testing with each code change, on-demand or on a schedule. Strategically execute tests to ensure relevant and robust coverage.
Design responsive test suites
Create chains of data tests with consistency, accuracy, and timing-based criteria. Confirm behaviours on shorter smoke tests before running on full-size data.
Stay in the know
Follow test chains to receive build and test notifications by email, Slack, or Google Chat with custom messaging integrations.

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