Evaluate your bioinformatic tools as frequently as every code change

Software testing is the most time-consuming process in development. Miqa can help you evaluate the performance of your bioinformatic tools, from prototype to production, without slowing down your team.

Test early and often

Evaluate your bioinformatic tools iteratively throughout the entire software development life cycle. Troubleshooting becomes more costly the later the issues are detected. Don't just wait until release time to test!

With Miqa, you can implement data-driven improvements to improve the overall quality and delivery speed of your bioinformatic products.

Miqa takes care of your software QA process while you focus on innovating bioinformatic solutions.

on software performance & quality
of software bugs or unexpected results
with your DevOps tools

Kick-off test runs with your test triggers

Test triggers are actions or conditions that initiate the execution of a test run of your bioinformatic software or pipeline. Evaluate at your preferred cadence.

Manual Trigger
Test on demand. Suitable for ad hoc or one-off tests where automation is not required.
Scheduled Trigger
Test regularly at your preferred time interval. You can schedule a test run of your pipeline daily, weekly, monthly at a specific time.
CI Trigger
Test upon code changes or development activities detected by your continuous integration (CI) tool.
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Miqa automatically assesses your bioinformatic pipelines upon each trigger

Streamline your bioinformatic QA
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