Better bioinformatics software means better outcomes for scientists, patients, and the planet.

Magna Labs' founding, by a former Illumina bioinformatician and engineer, was inspired by years of observation that the bioinformatics tool development field was struggling to adopt conventional software development processes and technologies that have proven to be efficient in driving massive growth, acceleration and quality improvement.​

Bioinformatics scientists in industry report spending 20-60% of their time on software testing and quality assurance (QA) tasks, including longitudinal QA tracking, multi-tool benchmarking, QA re-analysis with updated software requirements, parameter tuning for analysis pipelines, test data sourcing, and troubleshooting software issues.

With the right software tools, these time-consuming tasks can all be streamlined into an automated workflow that can be readily deployed at any time or at any cadence.

Magna Labs aims to empower computational biology teams to build or use bioinformatics tools with confidence and ease.

Software quality matters whether you are developing production-grade bioinformatic tools or selecting the best tools with optimized parameters for your sequencing data analyses. By testing and validation your bioinformatic pipelines early and frequently, scientists can:

Improvethe reproducibility of scientific data analyses with well validated software


Acceleratescientific innovations by spending less time on manual QA activities

We are a growing and interdisciplinary team of biologists, bioinformaticians and software engineers dedicated to deliver use-friendly and collaboration-ready software QA solutions to the computational biology community. We have experienced first-hand technical and knowledge barriers to rigorous bioinformatic software testing, so are set to change the status quo with QA tools designed for the diverse scientific teams and omics applications.

We offer the best in-class software QA tools for bioinformatics.

Our tool suite includes software test automation, real-time benchmarking, centralized test management, data curation and synthesis, advanced data intelligence and collaborative reporting capabilities. Designed for interdisciplinary scientific teams, our bioinformatic software QA platform supports deep customization to accommodate the diverse and ever-evolving biological data types and analysis methods.

Using our automated software QA solutions with your bioinformatic development workflows, your can expect to:


Build Better

Providing an accessible, collaborative and flexible gateway to explore test results, input data, and the relationships between them allows for evidence-based bioinformatic tool development.​

Innovate Faster

Bringing software development best practices to the omics field and enables R&D teams to move with speed and confidence.​

Establish Trust

Enabling rigorous, systematic and unbiased bioinformatic tool evaluation will drive the standards forward across the research industry and in regulatory assessments.