Miqa for Enterprises

Bioinformatics QA automation to boost your team's efficiency

For enterprises, operational efficiency means streamlining & removing redundant processes. Miqa is the software solution to free up your team's time from continuous QA in bioinformatics R&D.

Do your bioinformatics teams spend a lot of time on software testing, troubleshooting or bug-fixes? These can be time-consuming processes that slow down the development of your bioinformatic tools, especially if software bugs arise right before your product releases.

Performing QA or software testing early and frequently is an effective way to mitigate unexpected behaviours in your bioinformatic tools or pipelines. Whether you have a team of test engineers dedicated to this task or are starting to incorporate QA in your bioinformatic software development, Miqa can automate the repetitive QA process to enable your team to reach its full potential.

A streamlined QA process

Design a standardized QA or testing framework for all your different bioinformatic development projects. Ensure consistent quality across teams and projects.

Interdisciplinary collaborative platform

Boost team efficiency and productivity using our collaborative testing platform, from project management and feedback discussion. Our zero-code interactive result reporting interface enables anyone regardless of coding experience to access QA data at any time.

Real-time communication

Engage other internal stakeholders in your bioinformatic development process with full transparency. Share the latest updates, feature implementation or improvements with just one click.

Rich test analytics to drive R&D decisions

Get real-time QA data on the bioinformatic tools you are developing. Test them against state-of-art tools to gain insights on feature or performance improvement. Stay ahead of your competitors with better and more innovative products.