Miqa for Startups

Zero-effort bioinformatics QA while you focus on your roadmap

For start-ups, automation is key to success. Miqa handles the end-to-end testing so you can focus on building innovative bioinformatic solutions.

With continuous and rigorous testing, we help you achieve your bioinformatic development goals in record time. Accelerate the time to market with top quality and reliability. Miqa provides you with real-time QA data so you can confidently deliver high-quality bioinformatic solutions and attract new customers.

Miqa is designed to take the time-consuming and repetitive bioinformatics QA process off your plate. It evaluates your products in development at your desired pace and scale. It also frees up time and resources for your team to focus on other priorities. Not to mention it's a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire!

R&D without headaches

We test while you build. Catch software bugs as you code so you won't get any future surprises. Troubleshoot them early to minimize unnecessary delays and cost in development.

Customizable platform tailored to your needs

Set-up a custom test suite for your bioinformatics development projects. Design how you want to evaluate your tools and display the results. We adapt as your QA requirements evolve.

Meet you where you are

Whether you are just starting out with software QA or already working with CI/CD tools, we work with you to seamlessly integrate Miqa into your existing workflows.

Innovate & deliver faster with confidence

Gain a competitive edge by being the first to market with your innovations. Build and deliver with confidence. You will always have the most updated QA data to showcase the exceptional quality of your bioinformatic products.